Clermont County Retired Teachers Association

     Thirty-two Clermont County Retired Teachers met at the Cincinnati Gas & Electric building in Batavia on April 22, 1970 to consider forming a county organization.
     James H. Fley, temporary chairman, introduced A.O. Mathias, Ohio Retired Teachers Association and Miss Jennie Davis, Southwestern District Director of ORTA.  Both pointed out the need and the advantages of becoming a part of the state and national organization.  (The National Organization "NRTA" was started by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus to teach retired persons to use their united strength and influence to right the wrongs inflicted on the counties retired teachers.)  Both assured the group of their support in the formative months.
     It was the concensus of the group to organize.  Mr. Fley appointed Mr. Joe Evans of Owensville, Mr. Raymond Little of Felicity, Miss Ruth Crawford of Milford, and Mrs. Alice Leslie of Bethel to present a slate of oficers.  Their decision was as follows:  
          President -- James H. Fley
          Vice President -- Raymond G. Little
          Secretary & Treasurer -- Mrs. Elsie Fley
     The slate of officers was approved by acclamation.  Mr. Joseph Evans chaired the committee to write the constitution, assisted by his wife, Mrs. Joseph Evans and Ruth Dial.
    The question of dues was not decided at the first meeting.  Before adjourning, Mr. A.O. Mathias passed out literature concerning the state and national levels of the organization and June 17, 1970 was set for the next meeting.
     At the second meting, thirty retired teachers were in attendance; minutes were read and approved; Miss Ruth Dial presented the first draft of the constitution and by-laws, which were studied, discussed , and revised.  It was decided to divide the office of Secretary and Treasurer, and present a printed copy of the revised form at the next meeting.
     It was agreed that future meetings will be held the third Wednesday of January, April, June, and October; i.e., the months chosen for meetings that year.
     At this meeting the question, "Who are charter members?" was decided.  Any teacher signing the charter in 1970  will be considered charter members.
     President J.H. Fley appointed the following committee chairpersons: 
          Legislative -- Lawrence Lewis
          Program -- Mrs. Harriet Mathis (retired first Clermont Co. supervisor of teachers)
          Social -- Mrs. Claribel Hall
          Welfare -- Mary Wurtz
Refreshments were served after adjournment.
     By the October 21st meeting, the format for future meetings was taking shape.  The meeting begain with a catered lunch at which Grace was offered by Mary Wurtz.  There were thirty-eight members in attendance.  Jennie Davis attended as a guest and consultant.
     At the October meeting, five members reported their attendance October 15, 1970 at the Ohio Retired Teachers Convention, held in Columbus at which time our charter was granted.
     J.H. Fley presented the Charter to the membership of fifty-five in attendance.
     At this early date, CCRTA was showing deep caring and concern for its members.  A warm welcome was given to Joe Little and Mabel Young, back in attendance after surgery.
     Protective Services Chairperson, Mary Wurtz, announced her committee:  Batavia - Cathryn Friend; Bethel - Alice Leslie; Owensville- Mary Evans; Goshen - Aurelia Cook.
     Ruth Crawford nominated Minnie Kramer for treasurer.  The motion was seconded and accepted.  Minnie held this position for over ten years.
     Further appointments made at this third meeting were:
          Social Chairman -- Mary Saunders
          Membership -- Harriet Lohr
          Publicity --Ann Brothers
          Attendance -Mabel Wilson
     The organization agreed to sponsor or collect United Appeal from school personnel as the participation in county work volunteering.
     Retired teachers of Clermont County began their education in the ways to control and be informed of legislation affecting the lives of teachers in the classroom and those retired when Legislative Chairman Lawrence Lewis explained the need for an automatic cost of living to be granted to teachers via STRS and legislated by the state.
     Jennie Davis advised and requested CCRTA members to write the legislature concerning State Issue No. 1.  This concerned help for property owners over age 65 with retired persons income.  (Homestead Act)
     Harriet Mathius being absent, Blanche Liggett asked for a roll call on the subject of Senate Bill No. 1, and our most powerful tool for influencing our legislature was launched -- i.e., letter writing to our Ohio State Legislators from our district.
     By the April 21, 1971 meeting, name tags were introduced and refreshment committee appointed for future meetings.  While the membership was small, short games were played and prizes given.  Example: finding many words in one, illustrating songs, etc.  It was a form of "door prize."
     The meetings consisted of the luncheons preceded by Grace and the Pledge of Allegiance.  A guest speaker or program that was helpful and informative and covered the areas of needs and interests of the membership was followed by committee reports.  This same format is basically still used at the present time.



James Fley
Ruth Crawford
Willis Gormley
Charles Haarlament
Thomas A. Wildey
Sidney Cutlip
Mary K. Branch
Robert Ferguson
Bertha Hammons Pittman
Helen Winspear
Boyd Smith
Virginia Marquette
Alton Ison
Carolyn McIntosh
Harold Herron
Larry Vaughn
Pat Hawkins
Sherrill Calahan
Jim Gibson
Phyllis Neal/Marge Edwards
Bob Denny
Joan Ballbach
Karen Baumann 




According to minutes kept by Elsie Fley, these people signed as charter members.  We believe they are listed by their addresses, which may or may not be the same as the school district in which they taught.

Amelia:     Ruby Fluharty
                Eathryn Moler
                Edna Cooper

Batavia:     Mary Saunders
                Maybelle ?
                Louise Thirey
                Russel Thirey
                Cathryn Friend
                Thelma Scholert
                Mabel Wilson
                George Miller
                Lloyd Flewly
                Ruth Dial

Bethel:     Eileen Canter
               Dora Abbott
Alice Leslie
Claribel Hall

Blanchester:  Alma Johnson

Owensville:     Mary J. Evan
Joseph W. Evans
Linda Lincer  (sp.?)
Mame Ulrey
                     Harriett Lohrer
                     Nellie Russell

Felicity:     R.A. Little
                Ruth Brannock
                Ara Ross

Goshen:     Myrtle Wehrle
                 W.R. Gormley
                 Christine Williams
                 Edna Edwards
                 Ada Fender

Loveland:     Martha Hutchens

Milford:     Elsie Fley
               Velma Heiserman
               Wilma Cutlip
               Sidney Cutlip
               Ethel Curry
               James Fley

Mt. Carmel:     Blanche Moore

Newtonsville:     Rebecca Clemons

Williamsburg:     Mabel D. Reed
                        Zora Watson
                        Gladys Godard
                        Francias Frazier
                        Harriett Brothers
                        Cecile Glancy
                        Marve Meek


     In more recent years, the association has done a great deal of work on service projects and we have received many awards from ORTA for community participation, increasing membership, and information legislation.  ORTA has secured a legislative agent.  All standing committees have received awards from the state organization at some time or another.
     This is only a beginning.  There is still much for the association to accomplish in the future.

NOTE:  Most of the information found in this article was originally written in 1995 by Dolly Walker, Frances Wildey, and Helen Winspear.