Clermont County Retired Teachers Association

4th Grade Writing Competition

     Once again we will be asking 4th grade students to write an opinion piece based on one of the following prompts. 
  1.  Which is better, living in a large city, a small town, or on a farm?
  2. I think a hero is.........
  3. My favorite activity is........
  4. Which is the best sport?
  5. My favorite season of the year is ___________ and why?
  6. A good career choice for me would be________?

     Teachers may choose their own prompt, as well.  Packets are being distributed to all fourth grade teachers.  The teachers are to choose their top three and submit them to us by Christmas break.  Using a rubric, the committee will try to choose one county winner.  The winner will receive a trophy and gift card.  All entries will receive certificates and 'writing whiz' pencils.

     Our committee consists of Marge Edwards, Vanda Gregory, Candy Meadors,  Phyllis Neal, and Jan Schoellman.


     2014--The scoring was extremely difficult.  Our fourth grade teachers did an excellent job of teaching the children the finer points of opinion pieces.  After much deliberation, we ended up with a tie for first place and another tie for runner up.  With the two winners listed first, here are their names:

DAMEAN DAUGHERTY of Monroe Elementary (New Richment) who wrote that pit bulls make the best pets.  His teacher was Kimberly Ealy.

DARIAN SHAWKEY of Spaulding Elementray (Goshen) who wrote about healthier living.  His teacher was Miss McDonald.

DYLAN IKER of Monroe Elementary who wrote that summer is the best season.  His teacher was also Kimberly Ealy.

FAUSTA FENNER of New Richmond Elementary who wrote that guinea pigs make the best pets.  Her teacher was Ms. Bowlby.

      2015-- we followed the same format with the following results:

2015 County Winner--Rebecca Holbrook of Monroe Elementary (New Richmond)  who wrote about "Why Cats Make the Best Pets."  Her teacher was Kim Ealy

2015 Runner up was Julia Allgeyer of Spaulding Elementary (Goshen) who wrote "Would You Rather Be Bungee Jumping or Sky Diving?"  Her teacher was Mrs. Rainone.

2016-- continued the tradition

2016 County Winner was Madeline Lengyel of Spaulding Elementary (Goshen) who convinced us that dogs make the best pet.  Her Language Art teacher was Courtney Ammon 

2016 Runner Up was a tie.

One  runner up is from Clermont Northeastern.  Her name is Bella Bosley and her topic was farm living is better than living in the city.  Her teacher, Susan Putnam, informed us that Bella was selected to the Ohio Summer Writing program. 

The other runner up was from Spaulding.  His name was Zachery Maynes and he also wrote about dogs.  His teacher is Erica Amann.

 There are 4 winners in 2017

      Spaulding Elementary in Goshen earns boasting rights this year as there was a tie for the County Winner and both young ladies attend school there.  Amber Wilson, taught by Erica Amann, wrote about Animal Abuse, while Evie Slagle, from Courtney Ammon's class, wrote about Cats.

     The County Runner Up is from Clermont Northeastern Elementary.  Riley Potorff wrote about why Winter is the best season.  She was taught by Mrs. Barber (pictured below.)

     We also had an Honorable Mention this year.  it was given to a student from New Richmond Elementary.  Her name is Freja Frigard and her teacher was Mrs. Blauwkamp.

     All winners were awarded trophies and gift cards.  Their teachers were also given gift cards. There were 48 classroom winners who were all given certificates and 'writing whiz' pencils.  All participating teachers were given a flower pot filled with purple petunias, compliments of one of our members, Joan Ballbach. 




2017 County Winners from Spaulding Elementary
Amber Wilson and Evie Slagle
2017 County Runner Up from CNE
Riley Potorff with teacher, Mrs. Barber
2017 Honorable Mention--Freja Frigard from NR
Linda McKinley, Freja, and Jan Schoellman
Madeline Lengyel with Courney Ammon
2016 County Winner
Bella Bosley with Susan Putnam
2016 County Runner Up
Zachery Maynes with Erica Amann
2016 County Runner Up
Rebecca Holbrook, 2015 County Winner
Julia Allgeyer, 2015 County Runner Up

Damean Daugherty, Monroe
2014 County Winner

Darian Shawkey, Spaulding
2014 County Winner

Dylan Iker, Monroe
2014 Runner Up

Fausta Fenner, New Richmond
2014 Runner Up


First Row--Retired teachers Jan Schoellman, Marge Edwards, Vanda Gregory, and Brenda Maurer.
Second Row--Teacher Mrs. Thompson and mother Mrs. Plamann
Third Row--2013 CCRTA Writing Champion Chloe Plamann