Clermont County Retired Teachers Association

Meeting Minutes


CCRTA Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2017

The luncheon invocation was given by Dave Tennant, Pastor of Owensville United Methodist Church. The pledge was led by President Linda McKinley. Lunch was provided by the women of the church

After lunch president McKinley introduced, Lisa Breithaupt from the Clermont County Public Library and a member of Dream Weavers a free storytelling group in Clermont County. She shared the advantages of hearing stories (building retention, vocabulary, and listening skills) as well as a story.

The meeting was called to order at 1pm by President McKinley who introduced Ernie Ramos, Clermont County prosecutor’s office, who provided information on elder abuse. With Dave Lytle, Clermont Sr. Services (526-4036) and Tasha Linberger, he shared a profile of increasing elder abuse in Clermont County.

CAPPS -- Community advocacy and protection for seniors, responds to anonymous reports of elder abuse including the following:

  • Abuse is action or inaction that causes harm.

  • Psychological

  • Self-neglect  inflicted by self or others 

  • Lack of cleanliness

  • Financial exploitation- ( 2.9 million per year lost by seniors.)

  • Combination of financial lost and emotional

  • At risk adults helped alert bank officials

  • Telephone scammers preying on those living alone over 65 perfect victim

  • Mail fraud through bogus checks

Ohio Job and Family Services responds to claims of elder abuse.  CAPPS is about sharing information. 

Samantha Mendez from the Union Township  Public Library and a member of Dream Weavers shared a story based of Native American tradition showing that stories improve, protect, and inspire us to look forward to “a story for another day.”

Secretaries Marge Edwards and Mary Jane Kaufman presented the June 21, 2017 minutes which were filed as read.

Treasurer Jan Dumford  reported a balance of $380.30. A copy of the complete report is available from her and has been filed.

Legislative Chair Phyllis Mullins-Neal reported that

  • School budget funding decrease based on December enrollment has been capped at an amount less than $5000 and state aid will continue.

  • Two House Bills 410 and 438 deal with attendance and determining the length of the school year by hours rather than days.

  • The week prior to Thanksgiving is National Education Week.

  • Plans due 9/18 for Every Child Succeeds encourage flexibility.

  • Current stats show that wealthy districts have higher test scores. 

Communication Jan Schoellman reported that the essay info packet was sent to all schools either by mail or hand delivery. Contents included poster, letter, prompts, rubric, info how to submit, and form. Due date is March 15.

Membership Harold Herron stressed the importance of membership for continued success. 

Memorials Marty Kleinfelter sent a memorial for the service of Ethel Wiley Maw to New Richmond School.

Raffle Marti Kleinfelter and Marge Edward reported $47.00   for the raffle.

Book swap  $29.00 

President’s Report President Linda reported on volunteer opportunities at Christ Hospital, Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Food bank, and the ORTA office, and invited us to celebrate Brown County’s Retired Teachers 70th anniversary and Art in Milford with 117 artists.

In response to POP 5’s mailing on petition to support pensions, ORTA Executive Director Ray Field requested that we support ORTA membership. gives information about benefits and service. 

Homewell is a service in  Columbus providing non - medical home care.

Please send info about member 100 years or more to

Brown County Retired Teachers is celebrating 70 years on Oct. 26 at noon at Brown Co. Education Service Center. RSVP by Oct. 10 to

Nominations for 2018: President, Joan Ballbach;  VP, Linda McKinley; Secretaries, Marge Edwards and MJ Kaufman; Treasurer, Jan Dumford;  Raffle and Book swap TBA


  • This National Public School Appreciation Week.

  • November 15 is the next meeting at Owensville United Methodist Church.

  • November 4  is a 50th wedding anniversary for Jan Schoellman who invited us to celebrate with her and her husband.

  • A motion mentioned by Rosemary Maillot to start school after Labor Day was answered  Harold Herron in terms of finance and hours.

Meeting adjourned.

Clermont County Retired Teachers  June 21, 2017  Owensville United Methodist Church
                              Invocation              Dan Tennant, Minister, Owensville United Methodist  Church  Call to order           Linda McKinley
                           @ 1  Essay contest winners            Introduced by Jan Schoellman                                                     Honorable
                           mention -- Freja Fregard                                                     Runner up -- Riley Pottorf                  
                                                             Winners -- Amber Williams and Evie Slagle  November donation to essay contest was $132.00.
                              $23.00 remains.    Scholarship winners  Standing in for Karen Bauman, Marty and Mary Jane  introduced CCRTA scholarship
                            winner, Kendra Dietrich and her brother, Bret, and her dad, Kurt, who is an 8th  grade social studies teacher in Goshen.
                            Kendra is going from Goshen High School to Liberty U. in Lynchburg, VA. She was  salutatorian for her class.    Our other
                           winner, Brittany Clements, was represented by her parents John and  Buffy Clements. Current on a mission trip for her church,
                           Brittany believes  that, "Kids that study can have a sense of hope."  Valedictorian for Goshen, Brittany will enter
                           UC as a sophomore.    Guest speaker  Susan Villardo who is director of the Clermont County Literacy Council. She  stressed
                           the importance of their pairing learners with volunteers. She asked for  volunteers and places to tutor reading. Classes for
                           potential tutors are 8 hours  and are individualized for the volunteer.    Minutes for March 15                     Marge
                           Edwards and Mary Jane Kaufman                                                            Read and filed    Treasurer's
                            Report                        Jan Dumford                                                            $80. On raffle. $800+
                            scholarship fund      Legislative report                            Phyllis Mullins - Neal                              
                                                        STRS may revisit COLA  in five years                                                        
                              Senate passed cuts  less drastic than the                                                                 previous version
                           for  schools with declining                                                               enrollment.                    
                                                                  Proposal eliminates   soc. studies test for  grades                               
                                                        4 and 6.                                                             UC limiting increase  to
                           10 dollars per credit hour and                                                                 2% thereafter    Insurance
                                                                   Update on the website monthly.                                                   
                                   Contact:        (888) 227-7877    Memorials                                        Marti -- none required    Raffle
                                                                         Marti -- $63.00    Book swap                                      Joan --  $30.00
                              Volunteer opportunities and ways to make money in retirement -- Linda   Elections.                                    
                               September officers for two year term 
Next Meeting                                   Sept.
                           20 at Owensville United Methodist Church 
                            by Mary Jane Kaufman